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Firearms in Knoxville

Look no further if you’re looking for an excellent gun sales provider in Knoxville. 2nd Amendment Guns And More is a team of firearms experts who’re willing and able to help you get the firearms or firearms training you need.

We’ve been serving the Knoxville area for years, and we’ve gained a reputation for being a gun retailer who knows what they’re doing. If you’re looking for firearms expertise, a wide range of products, and competitive prices—you’ve found the right place.

You can reach us any time at (865) 986-4888.

Gun Expertise Over Many Years of Service

After many years of providing exceptional gun retail services to clients all over Knoxville, we’re confident that we can help take care of your firearm needs as well.

Over the many years that we’ve been in the business of firearms, we’ve gained a rare level of expertise. Being passionate about firearms is just the beginning of what we offer our clients. Our knowledge base is broad enough that we can answer any questions you might have or provide any information that you might need to know about your firearm.

If you’ve been looking for gun experts in your area—you’ve found them.

A Wide Range of Guns for Sale

Are you curious about what we have in store? If so, please ask us about our inventory. We’re always happy to discuss firearms with new clients because it’s what we’re passionate about, and we enjoy sharing that passion with anyone who comes to us.

In our extensive inventory, you’ll find that we carry:

  • Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Magazines
  • Parts and accessories
  • Optics
  • Tactical gear
  • Cleaning products
  • Holsters and cases
  • Ammunition
  • … and more

If anything on the above list appeals to you, please let us know. If you’re after something different, give us a call. As an expert firearms company with everything to match our clients' needs, we’re sure that we have something that fits what you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about learning more about our firearms, we’d love to get to know you and tell you all we can.

The Best Firearm Lines

When you visit our shop, you can rely on us to provide you with a premium gun from a premium brand. You don't want an unreliable firearm that jams or breaks; it's important that you buy something that's quality and will be dependable for years to come. You can only get that type of quality from brands that have stood the test of time and produced quality guns year after year.

We have partnerships with all the top brands and suppliers for all the types of guns you could want. We always stock our shelves with the very best firearms available. That's our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. No matter what type of gun you're looking for, we'll have the amazing lines you're looking for to make your shooting experience as smooth as possible.

Stop by the shop today to check out all the great firearms on offer and see the quality for yourself!

Helpful Gun Experts

Whether you're a first-time gun buyer or a long-time collector of various firearms, sometimes it's nice to talk to a pro for advice on your next gun. You want to know exactly what you're getting and to make sure that you'll be satisfied with the firearms you select. This can take an expert who's familiar with all the ins and outs of each firearm, as we try to match you to the best gun for your needs.

Our experts are here to help you. There is nothing we love more than putting our knowledge and expertise to the test, as we search our catalog for a gun that will make you happy. If you come to visit, we'll be happy to talk with you about the type of gun you're looking for and the price you're looking to pay. From there, we can recommend certain models that suit your needs perfectly.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, communicative, and understanding gun experts. We want every customer to leave happy with their purchase. Come to the shop today to speak to an expert gun specialist and get the firearm that's perfect for your collection!

Providing Gun Safety Through Firearm Training

Want to learn how to use your gun correctly? 2nd Amendment Guns And More will be glad to help you out. Firearms should be handled with care, and gun safety is one of our passions.

If you’re exploring the world of firearms, ask us about our gun safety courses. We’re flexible and can schedule a time for you to come in. Just call us in advance, and we’ll set something up with you.

You can't go wrong with our gun expertise and guns in stock when you work with 2nd Amendment Guns And More.

Firearms You Can Afford

Just because we deal in quality guns doesn't mean our products are unaffordable. For the avid gun collector, it's important that you can make a reasonable investment you know is worth it., and for a first-time buyer, you never want to overspend on your purchase. That's why we always mark our guns down to the best prices we can, even for the top brands in the business.

Our line-up of guns is always changing, meaning the lowest prices are changing too! If you're interested in a new gun for your collection, we'll be sure to have one that you can afford. Just come by the shop and ask our staff for the best deals on offer. We'll be happy to walk you through our stock, helping you get the best deal you're going to find for any gun you might want.

Contact Knoxville’s Best Firearms Dealer Today

We’re always available throughout the week at 2nd Amendment Guns And More. If you’re curious about what we have on-site, we welcome you to come by our store and see yourself. Check out our hours online and come by at a convenient time for you. We’re always here to help.

If you can’t come by the store but want to know more, give us a call. One of our friendly representatives will be there to answer all inquiries and provide you with the information you need to proceed knowledgeably and safely in your search for firearms or firearm equipment/accessories.

Feel free to reach out to our incredible team of gun experts. We look forward to getting to know you and your firearm needs so that we can serve you better.

You can always reach our office at (865) 986-4888.

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